Monday, February 15, 2010

Citilink Terminal

Citilink Terminal for jeepneys and
v-hires going south of Cebu City

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  1. ABOUT V-hires

    is it fair? a taxi driver, drives 24hours at once, and makes about 300 a day.
    while a vhire driver, rides once or twice a day 2h (all in all maybe most 4h in one day) and makes with 18 passengers...back and forth minus the gasoline already 2600 in one day!! times 30 days is already 78,000Pesos

    2. the vhire is good for MAXIMUM 15 people, while vhire drivers try to fit 19 into it.

    3.--> not only is that dangerous, to be in THAT car with soo many people. the car is too jammed and overcrowded, the driver can easily lose control of it,

    4. but it also gives a special discomfort, you can barely move, your knees are shoved into the seat in front of you (since seats are not far apart, i can not believe that they expect us to sit in there, with no legroom)
    -->the passangers next to you, almost sit on your lap

    5. dangerous: as i mentioned before, too dangerous to ride with so many people. but also that there are no headrests for the passangers. the driver and the lucky people who are able to sit in front do have HEADRESTS and also BELTS. but for other passangers there is no safety available

    6. DELAY: i have noticed that v-hire drivers usually write a time down what time the v-hire is leaving, but i dont think we ever left on time, because they still waited for more passangers to come, even if we left 1 hour later then we were supposed to (which made us wait all in all 1h 45mins) --> by that time i could have been home already, riding a bus
    sometimes drivers are delayed because they like to chat with the other drivers or peopl around at the terminal...or even better, they still like to eat

    7. DRIVER RIVALTY: i have noticed so far, that the vhire drivers want to compete with everyone on the road, especially other vhire drivers or SUV drivers. Yes, I do want to make it quick to the final destination. BUT NO, I DO NOT WANT TO DIE. i want to be safe... those drivers make it mostly a race with other drivers. We overtake while another car is even overtaking. we overtake while there is big huge truck coming right at us.

    8. SELFISHNES OF VHIRE DRIVERS: if you are unfortuante and have to sit in the back, you could possibly suffocate. not only because you are squeezed in that very tiny room of vhire, but too, because vhire drivers like to turn of or lower down the aircon, so that they can save on money for the gasoline.

    9. skills of drivers: they do want to show what they can, but we are not in a movie like "FAST AND THE FURIOUS", but vhire drivers ride like once or twice in a day, for about 30mins-2/3hours depending on where they go, but therefor they don't take it seriously, its like easy life. once i came across a driver, who was ever drunk or was suffering from a hangover. and another time i was in a vhire, where the driver kept falling asleep, and we kept rolling to the other side of the road...